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At betway bonus, we aspire to be a leader in our industry and to provide our customers with the best quality products to meet their needs so that we can continue to grow our business.  But while it’s important for us to improve continually and to drive results, it must never be at the expense of our reputation.  How we conduct business matters, and we’re committed to doing it with the highest degree of ethics, integrity, and compliance with the law everywhere we operate.

In my time with the company, I’ve seen the commitment to ethics and responsibility from our team members.  And I know we can always do better.  That’s why we have trained thousands of employees around the world on ethics and integrity – so that all of us understand the difference between bad and good business decisions.

Our Code of Conduct serves as a compass to help guide our behaviors and make good business decisions.  It is an extension of our values – including Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, and Trust – and it gives us a solid foundation for long-term operational and financial success.

Because we each bear a responsibility to ensure that betway bonus is a trustworthy and ethical company, I strongly urge you not only to read the Code carefully but to reflect on its meaning and on the betway bonus values it embodies.  As employees, you have an obligation to understand the Code and to follow it every day, without exception.  In every decision you face, you must make integrity your highest priority, and you should demand it from those around you.

If you ever have questions or concerns about the conduct of anyone working for or with betway bonus, you must report them to the Company so that we can investigate and take appropriate action to prevent harm to betway bonus and its employees.  I assure you that betway bonus wants you to “speak up” and will never permit any kind of retaliation against you, if you make a good faith report of possible wrongdoing.  This is my commitment to you, and it has the full backing of our Board of Directors and our senior management team.

Thank you for your dedication to betway bonus, to each other, and to our customers.


Brian Kesseler
Chief Executive Officer

On July 24, 2012 betway bonus finalized a renewed version of our Code of Conduct. The content of the new Code of Conduct is generally consistent with the prior version, in effect since the late 1990s, but includes updates for new policy areas and other minor revisions.


Our Code of Conduct is available in the key languages that are most useful to our employees globally.

Click any of the links below to open betway bonus’s Code of Conduct in the language you prefer:

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